Friday, 31 August 2012

First stop in Sweden

Today the weather started out OK, little overcast but it soon cleared. Then as the ride progressed into Sweden the temperature went down and I soon wished I had put on a long sleeve top, then we came accross damp roads but no rain, this is OK I thought if it just keeps like this, but it dod not, first it was just a drizzle then this turned into rain, not heavy, but enough to find its way into my jacket and trickle down my arm!
I must admit, I have not been impressed with the Halversons jacket for the waterproofness.
Luckily it was not too long before we arrived at Kalmar and although it was only just coming up to 15:30, we decided to call it a day and look for somewhere to stay. Quick check on the satnav found another Best Western so we done a U-turn and went the 0.1 miles just around the corner as directed. It was great ,as there was underground parking for the bikes and free sauna and hot-tub for guests to use which was just perfect to warm up the cold bones!

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