Monday, 20 August 2012

The Baltic trip...

OK, this blog is about a new motorcycle adventure I am doing where my friend Alex and I are heading off for a trip to the Baltic States on our motorcycles.

Alex will be riding his BMW RT and I will be riding my Yamaha TDM900.

We start by taking the ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg  then travel accross Denmark over the Oresund bridge into Sweden. We then head across the bottom of Sweden and up the east coast to Stockholm where we will catch another ferry to Tallinn in Estonia. From here we travel down through the Baltic States, (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania), carry on through Poland, into Czech Republic, then Germany, Belgium and France before getting back to the UK.

We are leaving on the 29th August 2012 and getting back when it is done, which we think will be about 20 days give or take a bit depending on how it all goes.

I will endeavour to update this blog regularly throughout the trip so keep an eye on it for updates!

Click here to where we are now!

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