Friday, 14 September 2012

2 borders today

It was another great stay with Andre and Marie at the 'Bikers Only B&B' and great to meet the other bikers there. But time came to get back on the road and head to another excellent biker friendly B&B 'Orchard Farm' in Combles (northern France).

So to start the day I headed to the Rhine river and followed this for several miles before going up and down more great biking roads for most of the morning before getting on the main roads to get some of today's mileage done and to ensure getting to the B&B at a reasonable time.

I must admit, there has been such a huge amount of great motorcycling roads in Germany that I will look into spending a week discovering more of them next year and have a longer stay with Andre using that as a base.

During the day I crossed the German to Belgium border whilst on a minor road then the Belgium to France border whilst on the motorway so unfortunately was unable to stop and get a photo of this one, and speaking of photos, here is a selection of today's pictures...

Ferry crossing across the Rhine

And another border crossed!

Orchard Farm (biker friendly B&B).

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