Wednesday, 5 September 2012

On the road to Narva, then Tartu.

First destination today was Narva where the Russian border is. Traffic was heavy getting out of Tallinn and it was main roads for the first half of the journey. When we got to Narva we found it to be such a gloomy depressing place that we did not stay for long, click here to read about it, instead we pressed on in search of better scenery!
Here are some photos taken along the way...

These grave yards went on for ages in the woods along the roadside.

Here we are at the Russian border in Narva.

One of the very few original buildings in Narva

The rest look like this, or even worse. Such a gloomy place.

A popular beach for tourists in the summer holidays, near Karu.

Fantastic scenery away from the main roads.

Photos of Tartu...

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